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  There are many, varied ways and times where you can help


HELPING SPREAD the orders we are receiving among your contacts,

to achieve as far as possible to solve them as soon as possible.

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NVIÁNDONOS  las  Problemáticas de las personas que vayan Observando,

for  see what we can do jointly for  give a hand.


PROPOSING initiatives on various topics that can help

to build a better society and environment for all.


COLLABORATING  with donations in materials:

of miscellaneous items, clothing, non-perishable food, etc. ,

that you have left over and that we can offer them to other people or institutions

to improve your quality of life.

We do not store donations for a matter of physical space,

but we will quickly put you in touch with those who need them.


JOINING REdNACER , to walk together in concrete actions

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you choose in what
and when would you like to HELP!

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